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Steel Filter Media Qty’s

Media qty's are an estimate, Gravel bed should be 150mm deep and 1m sand bed.
Mark onto the vessel recommended depths.


150Mm depth
1m depth
0.9m Diameter 150kg 0.950kg 26
1.0m Diameter 200kg 1.200kg 22
1.1m Diameter 225kg 1.425kg 28
1.2m Diameter 275kg 1.725kg 44
1.3m Diameter 325kg 2.000kg 66
1.4m Diameter 375kg 2.325kg 78
1.5m Diameter 425kg 2.350kg 80
1.6m Diameter 500kg 3.00kg 100
1.7m Diameter 575kg 3.375kg 120
1.8m Diameter 625kg 3.825kg 136
1.9m Diameter 700kg 4.250kg 136
2.0m Diameter 775kg 4.725kg 164
2.1m Diameter 850kg 5.200kg 184
2.2m Diameter 925kg 5.700kg 212
2.3m Diameter 1.025kg 6.225kg 228
2.4m Diameter 1.125kg 6.800kg 248
2.5m Diameter 1.200kg 7.375kg 268
2.6m Diameter 1.300kg 7.975kg 300
2.7m Diameter 1.425kg 8.625kg 328
2.8m Diameter 1.525kg 9.250kg 352
2.9m Diameter 1.625kg 9.900kg 392
3.0m Diameter 1.750kg 10.600kg 416
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